Freebie Alice’s journal cards

Here’s free Alice theme journal cards for your collage projects!

This set includes 2 patterns, tea party and cat 🙂

This file is free; Strictly personal use only. If you wanna sell it or use it in your products, please pay me USD1000 in advance. I’m definitely accepting PayPal LOL

・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・

ibon is one time offer, please make sure u won’t miss them!

2020/07/26   17:45:05


You will be downloading a PDF / or JPG file, so you might wanna access from MAC or PC rather than smartphones. I made a file perfect for A4 size, so you can print it out with “Actual size” printing mode. Unless you are using Letter size papers, please do adjust it to the fitting mode by yourself. Strictly for personal use only. You can not resell or redistribute under any forms.

If you wanna save it on your mobile (like, in your Camera-Roll) I recommend this one instead >

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